A video-conference-

in pocketbook format.

USA Design Patent Nr. D 470841 issued at 25. February 2003

Europa Patents pending.


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To make a telephone call and see your partner or partners at the other side of the wave, this is the greatest wish managers have, since telephone exist in wireless technology. Having access to the home or office computer is another wish, managers need to have abroad or on business trips where ever. This dreams come through as soon as UMTS the European broad band standard of wireless telephone communications standard is implemented. The licenses have been purchased by several big telecom companies with the promise to be in use for everybody by the end of 2003. One of the first equipment to make use of this new technology could be "MyFriend" the subject of this information page of my homepage.



This is a (side-rear view),of the unit, useful attached at the batterie charger stand when used as a video zelephone. In this configuration the unit runs never out of power, the battery charger contains another two batteries and when pluged in, all batteries are charged for permanet use.

As a closed pocketbook,
the size is: 6 x 4 x 1inch

At the front edge a number of ports are seen. USB,-firewire,- and audio ports, for printer, scanner, speaker, head sets and professional video and stillpicture cameras.

At this picture a plugged in Headset is seen as available on the market of today 2001. The development goes on and " bluetooth" the wireless connecting technic will arrive soon at the market. When it is available all connections between the 3 units the headset and other devices can be providet wireless via this new short range radio standard.The computer part is not only a PDA, it is your access to your home or office computer and all what is stored at your home or offfice computer can be imported on" MyFriend " computer. The unit switches on. your home or office computer and shows you all the content by the finder or explorer screen. All documents from your computer can be imported and you can fill forms, writing letters, make bank transfers, change drawings ectr. What ever you do remotely, you can send it back to your home or office computer or to any address you might want. "Myfriend" has no permanent storage, everything has to be imported and exported again after the computing session. But the access to your home or office computer and to all documents, drawings, pictures etc.this is, what managers wish to have access all times and everywhere.

With " MyFriend " and wireless broadband remote telecomunication and computing,
is possible now.

" MyFriend "does not need the battery stand to stand up vertivally, when foldet to a wide angle it will stand allone at any table or horizontal Support. The Video camera can be used standing up either to bring the users Face in to good light and position as well as other ,persons, products, drawings or documents when they are placed at the far side of the table or even further away. To have the proper control of the picture,you will send to others, is one importend advantage of the design of "MyFriend "

Ladies can use this camera function also as a make up mirror.
Below is the Ballpen with the 3mmØ glassball at the rear end to operate perfect the recessed text creating keys.



This is the keyboard in aprox. 1:1 scale. All Text creating keys are slightly recessed and are operated by a commercial ballpen on which we have placed at the rear end a glasball of 3 mmØ. This glassball find the right way to the center of each caracters key authomatically and easy for the operator. The order of all keys are in the same configuration as normal desktop computer keyboards but smaller in size only. Such keyboard will be called ergonomic by experts because there is no different procedure to be learned from scrach. The use of this keyboard is very intuitive. The mostly doubble used control and combination keys on the outer and lower edge are raised outward to be used with one fingertip. some of this keys are availble as a second set on the right side, specially to be used by both, left and right handers.

Here operating with the ballpen the glassball and the autward raised keys are demonstrated.



Also this new Type of a video telephone need to ring the user for an incoming call. This can be the conventional mode by ringing a soundtrac or a bell, by shaking but an other alternative would be, a flashing light on mens shirtpocket where the ballpen can be clipped on or for ladies at the strap of the handbag within 2 loops But there are more possibilities, such as fashion juwelries, brooches, Buttons or for men tiepins The lower left object shows the rear end of the ballpen with LED and the microphon at the black collar.

This is the battery charger stand for "MyFriend " One recharchable lithium battery is placed in the lower part of the video camera, two spare ones are placed in the T bar of the charger stand. If "MyFriend" is placed at the charger stand and plugged in to the power line "MyFriend " receives permanent power and can uninterupted be in service. If used in Battery mode only, the unit shows the battery condition in min. like the Sony camcorders do.



This is an up to date, 2001, Headset, wired and plugged in to the telephone unit. There are many designs on the market but waiting for the wireless " bluetooth " generation is worth wile.



Further to the above mentioned technical features also the functions of " MyFriend " are many new aspects. So are the telephone functions voice controlled.

After the main power switch is on the monitor shows the voice command features which are:

!!! Switch on, or off telephon.

!!! Switch on, or off Video camera

!!! Switch on, or off computer


After the comand " Switch on telephone " the next screen shows the useres own telephone directory which is imported from the users home or office computer.

Each line is a data set, and can be activated by the curser or by reading, on voice control mode. The connection is than made instant and automatically.

On voice control mode the reading is:

English......... ........z.B: Call Renate at home.

office .....................z.B. call Renates office

cellphone ...........z.B. call Renates cellphone

Conference calls:

Normal voice calls or video calls between two partners are easy to control and can be done as all todays telephone conversations. Either the caller is speaking or the called person is speaking, even two can speak at the same time without being disturbed to much. conference calls with a few or many participants have to be organiced in a special manner. " MyFriend " works with a trafficlight system like everybody knows it from the car traveling in City streets, and this system is very intuitiv and easy. The Initiator of a conference call can be called: "talkmaster".

He makes all connections and is switching on, the conference call procedure.The traffic light symbols show up at every participants monitor, the talkmaster has a bright green signal and can start the conference. All other participants monitors show the red and yellow traffic light symbols. The talkmaster is greeting all participants. When he makes a break of more than 5 Seconds (such time has to be agreed upon) any other participant can apply for talking by pressing the yellow button, this procedure applys for all participants. automatically the system switches to this participant highlights his green Monitor signal with the reading: talk.
If the speaking participant makes a break of more than 5 Sec. the next speaker in line will get the talking signal and so on, till all have given their speeches . The talkmaster can than switch off the conference talking session.For a conference session it is importend that the participants names are known correctly by all participants to speak to them in a polite manner. Therefor the names of all participants are displayed in a namebox on the lower edge of the monitor.It is importend for a video telephone system to send out your own picture in a very good light and position.Due to the available control monitor of " MyFriend ",you can do so and sit in front of the camera in god posture and controlled light.

Work in connection with your Home or Office Computer.

" MyFriend " gives you the posibility to work in connection with your home or office computer. On the voice comand: switch on computer " My Friend " connects you automatically with your home or office computer or with any other computer you are allowed to work on.


The content of your home or office computer is displayed on " MyFriends " monitor in the same way as your home or office computer is organiced, either with icons or in list form. Only documents for export allowed can be called to "MyFriend " this documents will be changed in to XHTML or XML Files, the Format "MyFriend " will understand. In this Format the documents will be imported with the application parts necessary to work with this documents, change it, or create new documents. "MyFriend" has no permanent storage, therefore all documents used on " MyFriend " will be sent back to the computer it came from, for storge. Sales persons on tour, can create order forms with filled in, new orders and send them home or to the office computer, to be processed by the company as usual. Other computer users may find a lot of other procedures of atvantage to them.


This for example is a Letter or fax made by a wordprocessing application.

Usualy the monitor of " MyFriend " displays in good ledgibility, letters with font size of 10 points and bigger.

If smaller fonts shall be used the screen has an enlargement function to be used for smaller fonts or small graphic elements


This is working with a small database


This example shows the Apple Sherlock file or content searching application.


This is a standard money transfer order form used by all German Banks



Pocket calculator on screen.
Professional dictionaries can be used on " My Friend "


This is a drawing aplication document.It is many times of great imporance to have drawings available at any time when negothiating projects with clients.


The same is valid for pictures, slide shows or small video clips.

Again a drawing.


Internet Functions:

The Internet is the most importend information source for everybody in the industry. The following screen samples are the homepages of Internet Providers here

The German Telecom online homepage



This is the homepage of Altavista search engine


This is the home page of YAHOO an Information Catalogue in German edition

We have tested many homepage ledgabilities most can be red with good condition but we believe: if the Internet will be used widely by telecommunication systems, this providers will redesign their home pages to be very good ledgible also on smaller screens.

but be remindet " MyFriend" has an enlargement funktion.

This is a calendar system providet from Netscape, the browser developer for everybodies use.

here the daylies calendar

here the weekly calendar

here the monthly calendar

Sensoric Applications with


More often data is created by sensors. such data is created periodically and stored in the computer to create data curves or tables over time. Often the collection of data has to be made with small remote devices. Such functions is a domain of " MyFriend "

Many applications are required in technics, medizine und environmental practices.

One sample is here a thermometer with an sensoric measuring device.

Other applications are GPS systems where the sensor is the antenna receiving data from satelites

Other applications are GPS systems where the sensor is the antenna receiving data from satelites


Worldwide business needs communications around the world and managers need to know the time in the countries they like to communicate with.This Information is available in the internet in a variety of designs:


Here the worldmap with day-night and
winter -sommer display.



To work ergonomically in a car, and this is the most used workplace, for an sales rep on tour. The steering wheel is a good and ergonomic place. A clip board like holder for "MyFriend", made of Plexiglas with return bent corners will help to place "Myfriend" into the right sight distance and handling position. Of course it will fall down, if someone want to use it during driving. But this is the trick, nobody will do so while driving and therefore it is not a dangerous thing. Every user will use it on parking only.

The side view shows the exact reading distance and arm bending, while using "MyFriend" with the ballpen.

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