Fiberglass and Polycristalit
special developments

At most airport projects, the baggage conveyor and scales where separate tenders, from the passenger service sector. Sometimes the airports requested also us, to answer the tender "conveyor and scales". But we did not have steelworks in our program. With the result that we never offered this subjects. One time, I got the Idea, why not make the conveyors out of fiberglass. I got a design in mind and started the engineering drawings. I found out that I can be much more flexible in design as the steel manufacturer can. I could make 1m; 2m; 3m long conveyor units with integrated electronic scales, and I could do 10 m long conveyor units in one peace, ready to pluck in and use it. This Idea was very late in the 1990th, so we could do it for one airport only, and this was the international airport of St. Petersburg in Russia.

This round information booth was the first item we have made for the public sector, long before we started with airport works. It was in the furniture time when someone came in ant wanted a reception counter made, for the lobby of an office building.

This is the lower part of information counter for Riyadh airport with a diameter of 6 m.

This information monitor cluster we build in quantities first for Conrac, for the international airport of Amsterdam. Later than big quantities for the airport in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, but also here as subcontractor for Conrac a information monitor company in Germany

When Polycristalit was developed, we where in search of products, which best could be made of Polycristalit and for more market possibilities as airports only. Such products where Planters for big Plants, bushes and trees. So we came up with a serie of planters from 70x70x20 cm till 100x100x100cm a sit bench a waste disposal and an ashtray on top as well as railings to separate areas from each other or to line up people for several purposes.

This is another conveyor/scale development,since Polycristalit is available. The mechanical conveyor belt is made of fiberglass as before mentioned. The cladding however is made of Polycristalit and so is the front kickplate Polycristalit with integrated perforated stainless steel

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