Turin International Airport

Polycristalit counter program

Turin airport was a well known customer, since we had made Polycristalit counter for the old Terminal in the late 1980th. They where satisfied with our work and had a complete new terminal building in the planning stage. The architect of the new terminal was the famous Prof. Ing. Gilbert Valle from Rom.
Prof. Valle visited us in Altenstadt and his desire was, to find a complete new design for Turin airport. He was enthusiastically when he saw, that we could pigment Polycristalit in one basic color but in 8 different shades. He choose clean orange as the master color and we had to split it into 8 different shades. This can be seen on the large picture above from light orange at the left and getting darker towards the right.

During Prof. Valles visit in our office, he has seen a hi-fi Stereo Equipment designed by my son Peer, the top of this units where pyramidal shaped. He asked me, can we do such units in 3.5 m height and about 1m in square. I answered yes, and he decided to have one of such towers next to each counter for the function of supporting the suspended ceiling, to house a flight information monitor, the counter No. and the lower part as a cupboard for stationary supply.

Here it can be seen in a closer look, how the ceiling is supported, the counter No. is displayed, and the flight information is placed. The counters where placed on a pedestal and the pedestal was protected by plinths of gray Polycristalit with integrated perforated stainless steel.

The counters where in fish bone design installed and this picture shows again the different shades of orange from light orange at the left and getting darker towards the right side.

At one end of each of the two counter islands an advertising platform for the display of Fiat automobiles where placed

On the other end of each of the two counter islands straight counters where installed for flight informationŐs and ticket sales
The passport counter where designed to split the stream of passengers into two streams to gain speed on passport control.

This is a City information Counter,
Hotel reservations and traffic information.

This are custom control benches
12 gate counter guide the passengers to its flight departure lounges. from where passenger depart via link bridges to the aircraft.
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