Ljubljana airport Slowenia

Polycristalit counter

The managers of Ljubljana airport visited us at the Inter airport fair, which where held every second year at Frankfurt airport. They where since long interested in buying counters from us, but as they where member of Jugoslavia they could not afford the investment needed. But as they became a free country the next step was, to modernize their airport in Ljubljana. We made the 12 counters in the same design as we did Salzburg, with the exemption that they requested a bridge over the scales to avoid that passengers step on the scales and reach the agent area. At one end a access baggage scale was placed and a special housing for the scale readout.

The terminal building was relatively small. Left and right 3x2 counter where possible but no more. This 12 check in counter where sufficient for the capital city Ljubljana and the small country of Slowenia. We where just finish with the installation when the ex Jugoslavian civil war began. Shortly after we left, Bombs where falling on this airport, but fortunately, not on the Terminal building but at the apron.

This picture shows a typical front view, of two counters, two conveyor belts with integrated electronic scales and the bridge over the conveyor belt.

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