Riyadh International Airport Terminal

Fiberglass Counter

part 2



The above shown large picture shows the Riyadh airport Terminal from the mezzanine towards one corner of the three angular building. It shows the center openings towards the ground floor and the gate assembly areas with the gate counters and in the rear a refreshment counter.

The left side picture shows the central Information booth with 4 information counters installed two facing towards the inside and two facing to the outside.

Round Information Kiosk in the arrival area, with the functions City Information, Hotel reservations City and traffic information etc.

Round refreshment counter at the departure lounge surrounded by seatings telephone boothÕs and waste boxes.

a closer look at the round refreshment counters

This are the passport control counters, where an exemption from the color scheme was made, because passport control is a government function the counters became also a green color like the Saudia airline counter

Telephone boothÕs and stand

Telephone booth´s in use.

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