Riyadh International Airport Terminal

fiberglass counter

part one 1

part 2 follow in Chapter 10


"Hello Wolfgang, here is Scott Gilkey, from Owens Corning, Toledo,USA speaking, are you in the office the next 3 days?, we are coming to Frankfurt to meet you". This Telephone talk reached me about May 1981. And really two days later 3 giant gentleman stamped into my office and spoke in Texan dialect,so that I could understand just a minimum. "Wolfgang you must help us getting the Riyadh airport Project going in our direction, you are the specialist in airport interior, everyone is speaking about you in Saudi Arabia". All involved want only you for consulting and design, no one wants again the hated Dutch people, who have made the Main terminal in Jeddah.

The counters are designed by the well known USA Engineering office Bechtel and specified for enameled Steel. We from Owens Corning Fiberglass want with your help and the help of your Saudi friend Talal al Shair, change the design from enameled steel into fiberglass and push out the Dutch group from this project, if you like to work with us. Of course I will, way would I have participated in the tender, but the Dutch pushed me out because I can not afford the high amount for the tender bond, For such bond my company is to small. OK thatŐs our problem, said Scott and Talal has his father behind him. The only handicap is, we have to convince the Engineering Office Bechtel that fiberglass is better than enameled steel and the design does not need to be changed.

Scott pushed the discussion and said, OK lets start immediately, let us write down all advantages of fiberglass, compared to enameled steel. Go ahead, we must have most arguments till tonight. "We want, that you, together with Mel Bingenheimer, drive tomorrow to Zuerich and looked carefully what is happened with that Zuerich counters, they are made of enameled steel, this gave Bechtel the idea to use enameled steel as well. Photographed all damages and after that, you can drive further to La Chaux de Fonds to visit there the company, who had enameld the steel counter, and get to know what this companies arguments are, for enameled steel. We are working here, to put together the new specifications and we fly to Riyadh on Friday and can proceed our negotiations in Riyadh on Saturday and Sunday.

The specifications where written down to prefer fiberglass, over enameled steel and Bechtel agreed. Owens Corning was as a Saudi Arabian Company registered and as a daughter Company of the World Concern Owens Corning USA, well established, and was the Company who had just recently made the largest Roof on earth, the pilgrim terminal at Jeddah airport. Talal al Shair was a real Saudi Company, just recently sponsored by the Saudi government, with a big fiberglass factory in Yanbu. Together with me as the reputed expert in airport interior design, we where a very good team to get this order done.

The order for this Riyadh airport project was very big, 25 million $ US, to big for us alone, and therefor it was a piece of luck, to do it in cooperation with two other strong companies. I was in charge of the design, all drawings had to be done again and translated from enameled steel into fiberglass design. I was further in charge for mold making.
It was a total of 104 different big molds,and 35 small molds. The big molds where shipped to Shairco in Saudi Arabia. The smaller molds remained here in Altenstadt and we have manufactured all the small Items, because this Items could be shipped by air freight easier as the bigger ones. I was also in charge to specify all metal hardware, make the purchasing here in Germany and ship the hardware also to Saudi Arabia for pre installation and side installation.

This view of the Riyadh airport terminal is taken from the main mezzanine towards the Gate assembling areas. In the center of that picture is a Gate counter to be seen, but very small, at the next picture this gate counter is to be seen in more detail. Very far on the left side is to be seen, an refreshment booth, to be seen in details in chapter 10.

Here are 2 gate counter next to each other with two rear wall elements with integrated flight information displays

The whole airport facility was composed of two terminals, one was used mainly be Saudia, the national carrier. Another was used by all international airlines. The check in counters at the Saudia terminal where green, the check in counter of the international terminal where red. All other counters and general purpose Items, where beige, like the whole terminal main color.


This is the general flight information booth
at a central entering point.

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