Saudi Arabian Airlines
Manufacturing of 23 ticket sales offices in all
in Saudi Arabia.


Within the opening event at Frankfurt new airport Terminal 1972, their was a one week long exhibition where allcompanies involved in the project could show their products, and airlines and airport managers from other airports where invited to see the new airport and all newly developed airport equipment designed and installed at this spectacular new building technology and airline equipment technology. At this event I was discovered from many airport authorities and airlines. One was the Saudi airline and their management wanted see me earliest in Jeddah. Two weeks later I was in Jeddah and they have shown me that to manufacture and install a City Ticket office take them one to one and a half year to complete it from wood, by Indian or Pakistan carpenters.

The manager of the construction and design department as me, to design a whole new concept for there City ticket offices. We used counters similar to the Frankfurt airport counter but in different length and in dark green color. The wall elements where light green color and where available in different with and functions, some had integrated cupboards, picture frames or logo elements. a bit later we had to bring the white carara marble, stainless steel railings, electric operated turnstiles, light fittings, public seating, shop windows, ceiling elements,and finally split air-condition units. All this installations from a row masonry room to turn it into a ready to work office environment took as after the material where air freighted to the City where the project was 2 to 3 weeks for the installation.

The few first offices had 5 to 7 counters only but the following from 1975 on where not smaller as about 30 to 50 counters. Totally we made 23 ticket offices in small or big cities in Saudi Arabia. From the first minutes of opening such an ticket office it was crowded full of people and every one wants the ticket first, people jumped over each other so that a mechanical railing system had to be installed with a turnstile at the entrance and green lights over the counter to show the next serving counter.


Many of the light green wall elements had integrated low cupboards, to store all that paper, stickers tickets as it was necessary that time today all the comes out of printers and all counters are fully network automated. But I remember the ealy time , it was 1973, there was no telephone working at night at 7:00 pm the telephone offise where closed and no wire in office, homes or hotels dit work, everybody had to wait till next morning 7:00 am when all lines get in service again.

Every second month I was called by any one manager to come to Jeddah, 2 or 3 new offices, I had to measure, and had to listen about new ideas this managers had to tell me about. Mostly I had to go back into the hotel and make a scribble and a rough calculation, because all Saudia managers had to prepare their wishes to a special form of paper and fax it to the purchasing office to Frankfurt. We got than the orders and payments out of Saudias office in Frankfurt. Also delivery was just to the Saudia freight office in Frankfurt all the rest of transport was not our problem. When everything was at site we flew with a crew of 6 to 10 Installers to Saudi Arabia and installed this material within 2 to 3 weeks turnkey. Saudia personnel moved in and started at same day to sell tickets .

From 1975 on, all ticket offices where computerized, the Computers where installed always the last day of our installation and immediately after this was done the office was opened. The time was hectic but we could satisfy the client and the client paid our invoices out of Frankfurt immediately after delivery the material to Frankfurt airport. So it was for both sides a good business without any complication.

It was obligatory to place the 3 king portraits on prominent place in each ticket sales office. The originals we got paint by a German painter, we reproduced this originals photographically as slides or a surface picture and installed the copies only.

For the Taif office, ( Taif is a summer residence place because it is on an elevation of about 2000 m above sea level) we made something special. It was a very large office and we had to do almost everything there. So we surprised the Manager with a control and switchboard for all the lights,the air-conditioning, the turnstile and calling lights, a weather station with baro, hygro, thermo meter and a digital clock and calendar.For this surprise we did not charge any
extramoney so it was special welcome.

Some managers where asking for some specials, we could do it, if this would not spoil the system, because the centralized design and corporate architecture department did not agree with so many individual ideas of their managers. I developed with this central design department a 250 pages manual, where all components of ticket offices where specified and nothing should be changed. This manual was god and bad for us. And I would not do it any more, for a customer. It developed slowly Saudi Arabian competition. The Saudia could give this manual to everyone, and everyone could compete with us, in system. From 1983 on we had no chance to deliver any further project to Saudia, the Saudi company could do everything cheaper as we. All fiberglass elements they have simply copied and all the other stuff they could find on the market like we did. They even could be more expensive, but patriotism was a better sales factor as always to import from abroad.

At two office sites we tried out a little bit different counter design, to avoid the rowdiness, this new counters where angled so ticked buyer could only stay spaced to each other to speak with the attendee, but also this design did not really bring the people to order. The electric turnstile was the only way, because only one at the time could be called in and behind the railing.

Totally it was a period of ten years, that we could manufacture, deliver, and install a total of 23 ticket sales offices for Saudi Arabian airlines, in addition of course some extra airport works in Saudi Arabia The Emirates and Kuweit with a the same amount or more, in revenue. And the account of Experience was crowing to.
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