fiberglass furniture of the 60th , design und manufacturing: FG Design Wolfgang Feierbach

After our move in to our new Workshop in Altenstadt, we had to create very fast an own work program of good designed furniture. We needed two years for such a program but when this was ready to marked our graphics design consultant Bernd Misske hat the Idea to place all our furniture in front of the new spectacular fiberglass house with an even more spectacular sky colored background the blue morning color between 4 and 5 o,clock in a beautiful summer morning. Because we needed a lot of this furniture for the new house, we where rushing to met with that schedule. The eating table was the first own furniture product we got finish.

The dining Table fg 2002 was the first furniture peace for our own furniture sales program. the inside of that tabletop is stiffened and withstand ladies dancing on that table with high heals, tried out on a party arranged by our god friend Bernd Misske and his friends.


One good Idea was the service table fg 2001 which was made of two side tables 70x40x35cm from a Side table series we have made soon after the Eating table and chairs where finished two of the same size tables where put on top of each other by steel dowels.

Following the eating table, we needed chairs . There are thousands of chair designs on the market. I could not find a god one, fitting to my eating table. Therefore I designed one myself. The advantage of my design is, one is sitting tightly on my chair and feel comfortable in his hips, wile the back and the arms can freely swing around and reach everything one needs. Also conversation to neighbors is not blocked by a too wide or a too high backrest.
Some time later we already worked for Airports, the request was for refreshment counters. At this time I designed this famous bar straight and corner elements. Many units could be placed next to each other to form long rows of a bar counter or only 3 on one side and 1 on the other side of a positive corner to form a breakfast bar or a beer bar in a private house or a large bar composition at an Airport or Hotel, it depend on space and requirement of any one customer.
Also a bar needs practical chairs, in this case, bar chairs. Our bar chair looks like our eating table chair and has some advantages from that design. In addition a Bar chair has to swivel, therefor we put mechanical ball bearings between the shaft and the seat. Our bar chair do not need a foot ring or any other attachment because the bar element has a step upholstered with carpet in the right height for comfortable resting the legs. Colors can be matched with the colors of the bar elements and upholstered as per color design scheme elsewhere in that room.
Side tables of various sizes are needed in good households and in quantities and different colors. Our offer for this general request are filigree fiberglass side tables of following sizes 65 x 65 x 40 cm; 65 x 65 x 30 cm; 55 x 55 x 35cm; 70 x 40 x 30 cm also in round shape 50 cm ¯x 30 cm high. Equal size side tables can be placed on top of each other with no fear that they falling apart. They have some holding pattern on their legs but can be more stiffened be metal dowels. The standard colors are greywhite, graphiteblack, mossgreen,steelblue,flamered,pureorange and cromeyellow.

Easy chair system fg 2001,molded in one peace. As mentioned in chapter 1 technical parts, we started making furniture parts only. The products we made, where designed from the well established designer, Dieter Rams. In this particular case, Rams design asked for a chair, made of 4 different and individual parts as can be seen pinkish from the left side picture, while my design, to make the chair shell in one peace, which I offered Rams to take, was disqualified by him. Because of economic Problems with my customer, a furniture company, he took this work away from us to another fiberglass manufacturer so that I had no work for my newly engaged employees and the bigger workshop.

I thought when Rams rejected my Idea, to make the easy chair system shell in one peace, than I am free to make it. So I did. It was not only one easy chair, it was a whole system with low chairs high chairs as the one on left side picture, and groups of chairs as sofas, stools and shells for planting hydro cultured plants. We worked already 3 years with that system and with good results. Some time, both companies offered a big Government Project. Than fighting starts in court. The first court round went to our favor, because the judges pledged with their own decision and saw really two different designs and not a copy as Rams stated. The second court round went to the Rams party, because the judges did not decide themselves, they asked university professors as experts, and they, friends of Rams granted Rams design as an artwork, with the exclusive right till 70 years after his dead.

My loyers asked me, what shall we do, we can have a third round and prolong the manufacturing till the end of round three. So we did this and I could at least fulfill my orders in the book, but slowly we stopped production and had meanwhile so many other products in our sales program that we did need this easy chair program not necessarily.

The easy chair fg 2008. What was left was the easy chair program fg 2008 which had no arm rest and could also be used to fill the gap of fg 2001, because this type was much cheaper as the fg 2001. Also it had stools and flower planters.
Rocking chair fg 2005. This funny rocking chair came to us by an apprentice student. The stand up rocking function was due to a heavy weight of 50 kg iron powder mixed with polyester resin and cast in to the bottom area of the cut out egg shaped shell. In the bottom area the egg shape was flattened for a with of about 30 cm, so rocking was directed in a two way direction only. The 50 kg weight, so deep at the bottom was lifting up a heavy weight person till about 100 kg wile rocking and balance with legs and arms only. Upholstered was the inside shell wit Tuscany lam fur either black or white, or mixed as the picture shows it.
An additional idea was a hemispheric table, where the inside could be used as an ice cube box for cooling bottled drinks. Also here, the bottom was flattened for a better stand and filled with 20 kg iron powder and polyester resin. Even when it was bumped at, it retained the stand, by rocking back in center position
A heavy Lobby easy chair Program fg 2011. In the 70th the apartments got larger and larger, where normal sitting equipmentÕs would look like skinny persons. Heavier seating designs where requested for larger room configurations. To serve this requirements our seating program was designed for. It was comfortable to sit in, as well as to lay down if one wished to do so. U shaped side tables complimented that design and it was used in hotel and industry lobby enwironment.
Pupils worktable and stool fg 2004. This furniture resulted from an special request. The request was to produce a worktable and seat not indestructible by pupils and not being assembled from different parts. This was my result and we got orders for mass production. Some time later this design was seen by the German prison department and they discovered it also as good furniture for prison cells. Later beds where made in a similar way.

rolling out sideboard elements fg 2004 This idea came from seeing pharmacy cupboard equipment. As there, side board elements as well as room high cupboard elements could be used also in living enwironments. A package of seven or nine elements, made a good looking sideboard for coffee or eating kitchenware. Also it was good in handling, access was possible from two sides and easy to take something out and in. The only problem is the carpet floor length. Short floor carped is ok also wood or ceramic tile. Not good is high floor or loose carped.

When the sample fiberglass house was finished, and the one year as show house, was over, we moved in. The interior decoration in the 60th was bright colorful and so was our house. It was the time of the famous designer Verner Panton who brought every year new design ideas to the furniture fair in Kšln and he chartered some Rheinships and decorated them with his latest ideas for interior decorations with the latest interior textile creations, furnitureÕs, lamps etc. Our house profited from this trend and articles in magazines and newspapers where written in quantities.

Full colors of the full rainbow spectrum was in and the big chemical industries like Bayer Leverkusen, and others have developed flame retarded textile material specially for the home interior sector. As I was moving through the technicum at Bayer, it is an Idea laboratory, I became the idea to make a ceiling carpet over the whole fiberglass house ceiling. Our graphics designer Bernd Misske he liked this Idea as well and we started scribbling a color scheme. He came up with square puzzles each 125 x 125 cm and they could be placed for the functions of the rooms. I had to order 1500kg of dralon wool and tinted in the color scheme of our design. So we needet 75% 3 different blue till violet and 25% red, orange and yellow. As a base we used chipboard squares of 125x125cm, The wool we pulled into cardboard tubes as they are used to ship drawings. We cut them with the wool inside on our band saw in peaceÕs of 4;5;and 6 cm for the blues and 8;15 an 25cm for red till yellow,

Our own furniture where used in the fiberglass house almost everywhere. Here in the center point four of our side table where used, with build in light beams to enhance the ceiling carpets center point surrounded by the seating group fg 2001 with red shells as well as red woolen fabric over down pillows.

This picture was made before we moved in, it shows the view from the childrenÕs bedroom towards living area. At the right side the high pullout cupboards between master bedroom and childrenÕs bedroom can be seen, in the middle childrenÕs bed upholstered with furniture fabric and a back roll.

Bed base, mattress and back roll fg 2003. With fiberglass reinforced Plastics the glass fibers, are the components bringing the extreme high tension strength into the material. The resins clueing together all individual fiber elements and makes the strong compound. When the glass fibers are used in one direction only, they have the same properties like steel springs used in the heavy car sector. This property I have used for the development of the bed base of various sizes. The bed base is laminated from one single peace, where the outer part is made by glass fiber mat and the springs are laminated from roving strings only. The result is an indestructible bed which can be used also, as a trampoline.
This bedding furniture was made to be sold in the furniture market, but as stated before on School table also here the justice department was interested in to furnish prison cells with this bed. It was specially the aforesaid properties, the strengths what attracted them to buy this beds in quantities. With a mattress upholstered with furniture fabrics and the back roll it was also a good solution for children rooms or as a side furniture for taking a rest during the day instead of going to bed in the bed room.
Here at a closer look into the cupboards, shelfÕs can be seen for towels bedding fabrics etc. but also shelfÕs with a bar across are available to hang up menÕs and womanÕs day dresses.

cupboards in our house, are room area divider and here to be seen between main bedroom and childrenÕs bed room. All cupboard elements are sliding ones and designed that each element separately can be pulled out of the row and access is from two sides. In the middle of the bedroom a round bed but with two mattresses of 240 cm¯ where made also by us. The mattress support had each 2 electric motors to lift up the leg portion and the back portion for comfortable rest.

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