design, pattern + moldmaking, as well as manufacturing technicalparts from fiberglass and polycristalit
1962 --1994.

1. Wolfgang Feierbach began his industrial Career as a Master Patternmaker in a small workshop at his parents place in Sulzbach on the Taunus Mountain Range on 1.January 1962. He worked alone for half a year and made pattern and mold plates for the cast iron and aluminum industry. Wolfgang Feierbach got very early contact with chemical resins at his previous employers and at the Hannover Industrial Fair. Wolfgang Feierbach saw very early that hardened resins can be a very good material for the purposes of patternmaking and prototyping. Most of patternmakers at this time neglected such material as unproved for her work. So Feierbach became a pioneer in this field. He used resins for almost all his work, he gained good knollage and could add some other work to his program, such as prototyping plastic products and manufacturing technical parts for various industry sectors.
As his workshop at his parents place became to small for the increasing quantity of work he could obtain from the industry. He looked around to get a bigger Plant for a new bigger and better workshop. The Ministry of Industry was just beginning to zone new land for new Industries, but not at Feierbachs home place, it was 50 km far in the so called Wetterau in a town called Altenstadt. 8.000m2 land could be purchased at a very reasonable Price and so a huge workshop building and an office building could be build in a short time.







After moving to the new place, a loss of orders happened because one customer became a major customer and intended to dictate the prices after moving into the new workshop. F. could not agree with his politics and therefor he received the molds an could go somewhere else. This situation made F. busy, to create new own designs for the market.F. was engaged to make now complete furniture from fiberglass instead of making furniture parts only, as an industry supplier. At this time F. had already 15 Employees, for whom F.had to bring work in. F. went to old supporters in the machine industry and F. got orders. But F.had seen how easy one could make money with the fiberglass furniture and therefor F.developed a full Program of home furniture, such as eating tables and chairs, easychairs and sofas, side tables and many things more, can be seen in next chapter "Fiberglas furniture"


4. Small Mercedes childrens car.

This small car is also called a technical part, because we had no own intention to manufacture cars. But an electric technology company came with this Idea to us and requested to make the car body’s only. We had to remodel the car body in a scale of 1:2.5 from original plans and produce 250 of this units in one year. Our customer completed the body with electric engines and organized the sales by himself. For this part, a multi split mold was necessary to get this relatively complicated part demoldet.

5. Further technical parts
had been weather protected boxes for electric switches for refineries. Protection parts for belt driven machines. Keyboard housings and other special parts as per request of the machine industry. For all such industry Parts, each Item had its special production complication, we had to learn about production complications of many kind.

6. Money spending machines for automated banks. We worked also for very famous designers like "Luigi Colani" who designed this money spending machines and status printing machines for well known banks in Germany. He gained popularity by designing items, they look like out of this world. Everything had to be organic, round and without rectangular sides and corners. His designs where specially made for the properties of fiberglass, looking very complicated but easy to manufacture in fiberglass because straight and flat panels would bend wile curing, and heat producing. Not so, such curved Items, the 3D form stabilizes the structure. With such room high elements all kinds of banking facilities could be decorated easily.

7. functions-wall Panels. Four different function-wall panels for banking branches with self-serving rooms ( Design: Luigi Colani ).







8. ready installed Wall Panels. banking branch in Nuremberg Germany with function wall panels

made by Feierbach

installed by Feierbach

( Design: Luigi Colani )





9. Writing counter to fill in different forms

( Design: Luigi Colani )



10. Housing for film processing machine at photo automates at railway stations or Airports where people can make instant passport photos. The material is polycristalit. At both sides the split molds can be seen and many hundreds of this items where made by us in this molds. The material had to withstand developing liquid and heat. The performance of this material was excellent .

11. One half of a mold to produce Weighing scale housings of fiberglass. Bridge scales weighing machines had been in use and where manufactured till the 60th and indicated the weight on measure tapes trough a small window. The housings where made of cast aluminum in sand cast molds. It was my invention to introduce a fiberglass housing to a very famous manufacturer of weighing scales in Germany .
12. This are handhold plasma burner for metal welding. The gas tubes of copper as well as the welding nozzles where cast in to polycristalit to
form a tool in one insulated and solid peace.
13. switching knocks for lether tanneries.This units had not much to withstand of high load or pressure, but chemical resistance for a long periode of time
14. Slipring for packingmachines. this Unit had the function to connect electric power from a stationed outlet point to a turning heatet cylinder. The material had to be dielectric and insulating the cast in connecting rings made of bronce and carbone. the material should have dimension stability and durability. This slipring was mounted to the turning cylinder and the power was supplied by copper brushes to the cabon and brass rings

15. Small Slipring for packingmachines. this Unit had the function to connect electric power from a stationed outlet point to a turning heatet cylinder. The material had to be dielectric and insulating.

The cast in connecting rings made of bronce and carbone. The material should have dimension stability and durability. This slipring was mounted to the turning cylinder and the power was supplied by copper brushes to the cabon and brass rings.

16. This is a Serie of Sliprings made of Polycristalit. This was a ongoing order for several years and we manufactured 30 to 50 parts per week the Polycristalit Material was colored dark red.
17. knocking vacuum cleaner head. This is an invention of a German specialist for vacuum cleaning. He came once with that idea and we had to make him prototype housings for his invention. It was a small but complicated Item with thin walls, two parts which had to be clued together after some in side parts where installed. The knocking effect was working after a shaft from a ordinary vacuum cleaning machine was placed into the tube holding mold out. Material was unfilled epoxy resin.
18. foot operated electric switch. In the leather tanning industry, leather tanning is done in very wet workshop conditions, people work in rubber booth but have to operate dangerous Machines. To avoid accidents they have to operate the leather cleaning machines by holding the leather in their hands and switch the machine on and off by the foot. This problem was unsolved for long times. One customer described this situation to me. The basic switch was a micro sensor switsch with a switching depth of less than 1 mm. When I had this switch in my hands I got the Idea to cast this unit into a epoxy resin block with a mold out for the moving pin. After demolding this mold out could be filled with soft silicon rubber and this whole unit was the switching base. An upper lid housing was hinged at one end and had on its inside opposite to the silicon part a hemispheric thickening. The small and very sensitive micro switch could so, ease be operated by the laborers rubber booth the function was guaranteed and accidents where avoidet.
19. Cladding for the Volksbank in Altenstadt The Volksbank Organization was building a new branch building in Altenstadt. The appointed architect who had knowledge, about our fiberglass works asked us for an offer for the cladding of his building design. The building structure was masonry stonework but with some grid design. The cladding not have to integrate the insulation, this was already attached to the masonry stonework and a distance grid for the cladding elements where also attached.
We had to mold full surface wall elements, window wall elements, roof canapés and some special elements. The wall elements had flanges through witch we could screw on this fiberglass elements to the spaced wooden frames already attached to the brick walls.
20. Water quantity measuring device. We have to buy our water supply from the municipality by m3 measured in Aluminum or Brass cast water meters. To cast this parts, sand molds have to be made with Patterns or mold plates used in the casting industry and made by patternmakers as I was a Master in profession. the lower part of this picture show a split mold with its core supports and flowing channels for the liquid metal to fill the mold. Both half pattern will be mounted on a mold plate for industrial production of sand molds by a molding machine. The upper picture shows a core peace made of sand in a core box and this core represents positively the hollow inside of the cast Water meter.
21. Protection Hood. Some machines need to protect workers from accidents some protection housings or hoods. This protection Hood is for a woodworking grinding machine in Patternmaking workshops. The upper flat part gets an inlay of a rubber mat to protect the measuring tools the matternmaker needs to work on this machine . In earlier times this cover was made of cast aluminum, It had to be cleanly worked and surface had to be grained before it could be painted. All this work is not needed any more because fiberglass is colored through out its thickness and almost ready to attach it to the machine instantly. Not to mention that such part is cheaper as when made of cast aluminum.

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